Tackle & Bait


Maggots Available Soon. Also Pellet worm and groundbait. Contact Jonno If required before coming to fish.


Takle & Bait

We have a basic range of tackle and bait for sale:

Fly Fishing

  • Variety of wet & dry flies
  • Fly boxes
  • Fly fishing line
  • Tapered leaders
  • Leader loops
  • Xink & Gink

Coarse Fishing

  • Floats      
  • Barbless hooks
  • Shot
  • Weights
  • Variety of fishing line
  • Bait boxes    
  • Dry baits
  • Pole winders
  • Scales
  • Reels

Contact us if you need more details about the items we stock.

We do not stock maggots & live bait at present.

The nearest tackle shops are in Redruth, Camborne, Newtown, Truro & Carnon Downs.